Fields of law:

  1. Company law and commercial law
  2. Banking law, finance law, capital markets
  3. Insurance law
  4. Takeovers, acquisitions and mergers
  5. Real estate and property law, land registry law
  6. Civil procedures
  7. Arbitration procedures (international arbitrations and arbitrations before the Croatian Chamber of Economy)
  8. Forced collection procedures (enforcement procedures) and activities aimed at collateralisation of creditors’ claims
  9. Bankruptcy procedures and pre-bankruptcy settlement procedures
  10. Labour law
  11. Administrative procedures, administrative disputes
  12. Public procurement
  13. Other fields of law such as medical law, intellectual property law, sports law, environmental protection and waste management law.

Business area:

We built up considerable and very relevant professional experience within the scope of commercial law practice as regards operations of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, but also other types of companies.

Beside the mentioned areas the Law firm has been active in industries such as telecommunications, media, information technology, health and pharmaceutics, tourism and hospitality, medical law, environment protection and waste management law, and use of renewable energies.

Considering the aforementioned activities, we conducted procedures arising from business operations of companies as well as procedures and processes in connection with the change of status thereof. We are skilled in civil proceedings, forced collection of receivables, realisation of collateral instruments serving as security for loan operations of banks and insurance companies, disputes related to legal consequences following from termination of contracts and meeting of contractual obligations or failure to meet such obligations as well as in labour disputes. We are also experienced in international and national arbitration procedures.

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